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DWD System launches innovative DWD bridge gullies which were created as a result of a thorough analysis of materials used all over the world. Simultaneously, the proposed solutions were adapted to meet the requirements of the bridge environment and developed in close cooperation between our employees and research centres in Poland and Europe.

DWD bridge gullies are divided into Premium, Standard and Kerb types. The additional offer is divided into a few series in several sizes: 300×400, 300×500 etc.

DWD bridge gulliesOur offer includes the gullies earmarked for the bridge, roadway and railway engineering facilities. The wide range of DWD gullies construction solutions makes it easy to choose the best gully for any given project. Our offer also embraces the gullies with a threaded discharge stub used, among other things, in bridges constructed with the use of the cyclic sliding method. Our gullies are made, as standard, of high quality ductile cast-iron. We can also produce the gullies made of generic stainless steel, grey cast – iron and ADI cast – iron as well. The gully elements made of ductile cast iron are of significantly better endurance and quality in comparison with the most commonly used materials in Europe.

The most important, revolutionary solution in our Premium gullies is the use of the adjusting ring with steps/teeth for regulation of the vertical position of the body equipped with an gully grate within the range of 0-60 mm, and also inclination adjustment by use of additional adjusting screws within the range of 0-5%. The Standard gully are equipped with additional adjusting screws located inside the gully body which ensures smooth adjustment of the gully height within the range of 0-20 mm and the inclination control within the range of 0-5%. Owing to these technical solutions it is possible to adjust height, inclination, side position (level adjustment) and the rotational position of the gully grating. This technical solution is unique and, above all, makes it possible to embed the gully properly during construction process. It also enables later adjustment during facility overhauls without the necessity of complete reconstruction of bridge gullies, which is a very important asset for bridge facility management services.

DWD bridge gullies

In addition, our solutions are provided with the following elements:

DWD bridge gullies DWD bridge gullies

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