Drenaj și de tele-tehnologie DWD sisteme de curgere (PP, PE-HD, GRP)

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    Specification - DWD System - DWD Flow systems (PP, HD-PE)
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    DWD System - PE and PP products
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    Drainage and infrastructure systems
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DWD systems dealing with bridge and viaduct drainage are designed for the construction of gravity drainage or as protective pipes covering power, telecommunication and television cables in engineering facilities.

DWD System LLC offers three complete systems of bridge and viaduct drainage made of:

All our drainage systems are prefabricated individually for each project in compliance with design documentation. This guarantees our clients optimal drainage adjustment for each project, both technically and financially.

An innovative fastening system has been created to assemble DWD installations. The system uses zinc-planted steel elements, which are additionally painted with powder coating. All connections have been designed in such a way as to minimize the probability of corrosion. The diverse system of fixings enables the suspension to be adjusted for each construction.

The system consists of:

Fastening systems for every construction and installation are individually chosen based on technical drawings prepared by our technology department. This ensures the correct and safe functioning of the whole drainage system.

Drainage and tele-technology DWD Flow systems (PP, HD-PE, GRP) Drainage and tele-technology DWD Flow systems (PP, HD-PE, GRP)

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