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The polymer concrete produced by DWD is a composite in which the traditional adhesive, cement, has been replaced by a synthetic resin with a hardener and a filler: a mixture of sand and gravel and dolomite flour. The use of resin results in greatly improved strength in comparison to common concrete, and in particular, in increased chemical resistance. In comparison to concrete, polymer concrete has many significant advantages such as: zero absorbability, significantly betterstructural strength, much lower abrasion and high freeze resistance. By using specialized resins or additives, it is possible to design such parameters of polymer concrete that will meet client specifications.

Thanks to polymer concrete’s technical and operational parameters, it is possible to produce:

DWD has two manufacturing plants where polymer concrete products are produced. The high level of professionalism and experience of DWD staff makes it possible for us to undertake the design and manufacture the most demanding products from this material.

Polymer concrete products

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