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    Technical approval ITB - DWD System - Watertight connection bells GRP
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DWD watertight connection bells (passages) are special fittings made of resin-glass laminates (GRP) with an external mineral gravel pack, which increases the adhesiveness of the external walls of fittings to concrete. Watertight connection bells produced by DWD are intended for all kinds of drainage pipes available on the market, of any diameter – even for those with a diameter of more than 2.0 metres. Depending on the client’s requirements, DWD produces watertight connection bells with or without an integrated gasket.

DWD has its own moulding department which produces moulds for GRP products. Therefore, it is possible for us to manufacture any shape and size of watertight passage in accordance with the parameters given by our client. We also produce watertight connection bells for ducts with a non-circular cross-section e.g. elliptical or ovoid.

DWD watertight connection bells

Examples of systems and pipe series for which DWD produces watertight passages:

DWD watertight connection bells

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